Large fields where amidst green meadows and flourishing flowers, numerous headstones, white crosses and stars of David are set in orderly rows, uniform in height and width. They are lined up as far as we can see.
One of these memorials might be of a relative. Was he your husband, friend, father, grandfather or uncle? It’s comforting to know that his grave is well maintained. But what do the surroundings, the sky above his grave, the beach and the village look like? What if you could see this all, even though you are not personally able to visit it?


Did you always wanted to visit his grave, but you never had the opportunity?

In a short documentary I will take you to the places he mentioned in his letters, perhaps even to where he wrote them. Show you where he walked and where he left his last breath of life. I will film his grave, take a look at the sky above it and make you experience the sounds around the grave.

I can take you there


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About Astrid 

After many years of working for several National broadcasting stations in the Netherlands, I now focus on private films, small-personalized documentaries as a heritage for future generations.
I am a great and creative listener.

Wouldn’t it be great if you would have access to old movies that for example relate to your late grandparents?

About SureAs

We provide film productions that affect people. Our films differ from standard, they evoke emotion.
SureAs provides customer-driven professional film productions. We stand for quality at a reasonable price

Vertellen voor Later is one of our latest products.

Vertellen Voor Later means storytelling for the future.
It’s about collecting family stories for future generations.

The importance of sharing your personal history and storytelling.

Who am I?  So many people are struggling with this question.  So why not tell your story?
Your story impacts the life of those close to you. Think of your children, other family members and those who, by not knowing their family stories, are kept in the dark.  Knowledge provides understanding about who you are.

Knowing our family stories is part of our identity.
Not all stories need to be big; especially the small things of life can be of great importance. For instance, in what kind of family did you grew up, tell about your siblings, what was nice, what was forbidden, your secrets…etc.

Secrets take up a lot of energy in keeping them locked away. Free yourself of the constant fear of being discovered.

Some secrets put a lot of weight on your shoulder. Ask yourself what could possibly happen if you would reveal them. Times have changed. What was big in your days can be of little importance nowadays.

Make storytelling an ongoing process to provide a greater self-consciousness of your offspring.

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